Exploring PayPal’s Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin

La présentation


Le sujet

Learn what accessibility issues exist in the popular front-end framework Bootstrap, and how to fix them with the PayPal Bootstrap Accessibility Plugin.
Several components will be demonstrated including tooltip, modal, and dropdown. Code will be examined thoroughly, including how WAI-ARIA can greatly improve screen reader accessibility. Conventions for keyboard interactions will also covered.

Apprenez quels problèmes d'accessibilité existent dans le framework Bootstrap, et comment les corriger grâce au plugin PayPal Bootstrap Accessibility.
De nombreux composants seront passés à la loupe, incluant les info-bulles, les fenêtres modales et les menus déroulants. Le code sera passé en revu, notamment comment WAI-ARIA peut grandement améliorer l'accessibilité pour lecteur d'écran. Des conventions pour l’interaction au clavier seront aussi abordés.

Présenté par Dennis Lembree

Dennis Lembree

Mr. Lembree is an experienced web developer who is passionate about the user experience. He works on the accessibility team at PayPal and has previously worked for several start-up companies and also contracted at Google, Ford, and Disney. Mr. Lembree has presented at numerous conferences and webinars including the Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities Conference (CSUN) and the HTML5 Developer Conference. His personal projects include EasyChirp.org, an award-winning web-accessible Twitter app, and WebAxe.org, a blog and podcast on web accessibility. He resides in Cupertino, California USA with his wife and two boys.