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WebGL and WebVR: 3D web today and tomorrow

Par Martin Naumann

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The web has been mostly two-dimensional so far — and so we've design and conceptualised it pretty much as — literally — a page. A rectangle that we're filling with content in a visually pleasing and functional way.

We've even started to imitate three dimensions by using CSS 3D transitions and parallax scrolling — but we've not quite cut it yet.

In the meantime, mostly in the background WebGL has become fairly widely™ available and most people know that it exists but only a few people have actually used it.

While there's a flood of proof-of-concepts and toy demos, we're still mostly thinking of the web as "pages" in an infinite collection of books.

I'd like to change that. I'd like to take your hand and run with you into this whole universe of possibilities that WebGL gives you as of today. I'll even show some interesting use cases beyond demos and games.

Once we've taken a short breath from running through the third dimension, we'll go one step ahead: Instead of seeing the web on the screen in front of us, we'll go in. With WebVR we're having amazing ways of placing the action around the user — though, that's very bleeding edge right now and there's still some open questions… that makes it even more important to actually talk and think about this together; your ideas are wanted!

We'll then do one more thing: "We have to go deeper!" - Inception style! We'll do some live coding inside a virtual 3D space using WebGL and WebVR - so we'll code 3D stuff while being in a virtual 3D world.

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