Designing BBC Account: with BIG DATA comes BIG RESPONSIBILITY

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The BBC is a large and complex organisation. 35 million unique browsers access our services every day. We serve 308 million households worldwide and 64.1 million people in the UK alone. Creating value for these audiences means getting the right content and information to the right person at the right moment. Giving people more of what they like and help them shape their own BBC. This is the promise behind BBC account.

This is a double challenge for us designers, whose designs have to generate that data in the first place, and also then use it to drive design improvements. UX Designers have the huge responsibility of shaping the data that will eventually bring insights, highlight successes and pinpoint areas that need improvements. Therefore, a thorough understanding and caring for meaning are absolutely necessary. Because if this isn't clear to us, how could it be clear to our users?

La BBC est une organisation large et complexe. 35 millions de navigateurs uniques accèdent à nos services chaque jour. Nous servons 308 million de ménages mondialement et 64,1 million de personnes pour le seul Royaume-Uni. Créer de la valeur pour ces audiences signifie fournir la bonne information à la bonne personne au bon moment. Donner aux gens plus que ce qu'ils aiment et les aider à personnaliser leur propre BBC. C'est la promesse derrière le compte BBC.

C'est un double challenge pour nous designers, dont les conceptions doivent générer ces données a priori, et aussi les utiliser pour améliorer le design. Les designers UX ont une énorme responsabilité sur la génération des données qui vont finalement apporter des connaissances, souligner les succès et repérer les points d'amélioration. Ainci, une compréhension approfondie et le soin apporté au sens sont absolument nécessaires. Parce que si ce n'est pas clair pour nous, comment le serait-ce pour nos utilisateurs ?

Présenté par Cyrièle Piancastelli

Cyrièle Piancastelli

Cyrièle is a Senior User Experience Designer and Information Architect.

She started working in creative agencies as a full stack developer back in 2006, before turning to user experience design and project management in 2009.

She worked on all sorts of digital experiences, from mini-sites to long term products, from physical spaces to augmented and virtual reality. She has experience with all types of medium, technology and audiences on various scales.

Cyrièle is obsessed with semantics, language, grammar and how it affects people's perception of things. She always enjoy designing systems to solve issues, whether it's at work or at home.