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Storytelling HTML, a use case

Par Rian Rietveld

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Auditorium René Descartes
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Le sujet

A web page can be fully accessible according to the accessibility guidelines, but at the same time hard to understand for someone who, for example, is blind and uses a screen reader.

Rian will show a step-by-step example of how she translates design into code. And how different users can benefit from how HTML5 actually tells a story about your content, structure and interaction. Have you ever listened to your code? You’ll discover:

  • How to read a design and convert different templates into a good structure
  • Best practices, for example: when to use ARIA, and when not to How to announce feedback on dynamic changes
  • What mistakes are commonly made and how to fix them
  • Where to get the right documentation, code patterns and examples

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