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Diversity tickets

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Since its creation, Paris Web has been dedicated to make its conferences accessible to as many people as possible. We are convinced that a healthy community is a community open to everyone, and wealthy in individuals from different backgrounds.

This is with this conviction in mind that we are willing to provide diversity tickets.

What is a diversity ticket?

Diversity tickets are tickets offered to people from under-represented minorities in our community. These minorities include, but are not limited to: minorities of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical, sensory, neuroatypical disability, financial insecurity… in no particular priority order.
In general, if you think you belong to a minority, even if not mentioned above, you are probably entitled to one.

How does it work?

What do you get with a diversity ticket?

Obtaining a diversity ticket gives access to two days of conferences, one breakfast and one lunch per day as well as snacks during breaks.
However, travel and accommodation costs remain the responsibility of the beneficiary.

How to get a ticket?

To benefit from a diversity ticket, you must request it via the Paris Web diversity ticket request form (in French).
The Paris Web team will study each request.

The number of diversity tickets is limited because it depends on the generosity of organizations and individuals willing to support this operation. We may not be able to offer a ticket for each request. If this is the case, we will give priority to the people we think they need it most, and will draw a lottery if necessary.

When tickets are allocated?

Diversity tickets will be allocated in several stages.

A first batch will be awarded two months before the event, in order to allow beneficiaries living outside of Paris to plan their travel serenely and at rates not too expensive.
All tickets funded on to this day will be allocated.

A second prize will be distributed two weeks before the event.
All tickets funded between the first stage and that date will be allocated.

If additional tickets are funded after the two stages, they will be allocated as they become available.

Who will know that you have received a diversity ticket?

Only the members of the Paris Web team who will process your data during the assignment.
The diversity ticket badges are strictly identical to the others.

However, if all parties so wish, we can put the company or person who financed the ticket in contact with its beneficiary.

What do we do with the data you share?

Your data will only be used by the Paris Web association when processing diversity tickets: reception and evaluation of requests, allocation of places.

They will be kept for a maximum of one year, then destroyed.

Has Paris Web a code of conduct?

Yes. Paris Web strictly applies its Code of conduct (in French), in order to guarantee a healthy and pleasant environment for all.
The association’s volunteers are available before, during and after the event to apply and enforce this code.

Who finances the tickets?

Diversity tickets are offered by sponsors or community members willing to support this operation. Thank to them for their generosity!

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you would like to offer tickets to the community.