Conférences et ateliers sur le thème : « design »

vendredi 19 octobre

Auditorium Blaise Pascal

Les objets se font internet

Comment sortir des catégories du web ? Malgré son « jeune âge », le web est déjà pensé comme une continuité, un langage qui ne demande qu'à être développé, alors que nous en sommes à esquisser ses premières lettres, et...

Auditorium René Descartes

The Real Me

While some companies use their brand as an opaque facade to hide their questionable practices, others are opening up to their audience and sharing their true personality. The result is a more honest relationship with customers. Through real world...

Auditorium René Descartes

Web Design's Lego: visual grammar and lexicon of the web

With spoken language, fluency comes from constant exposure and practice. However, in order to truly master a language, all children must learn its grammar. Likewise, to masterfully tell stories, one must learn its lexicon. The language of web design...

jeudi 18 octobre

Auditorium René Descartes

How Designers Destroyed the World

You are directly responsible for what you put into the world. Yet every day designers all over the world work on projects without giving any thought or consideration to the impact that work has on the world around them....

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